Procrastination and her sister Frustration

If you are like me, you too want to be creative and prolific, to share something amazing, thought-provoking, life-changing, world-shaking, something brilliant and wise and beautiful. Now, tell me. Is this too much to ask?

A wise friend recently told me, “frustration is procrastination’s sister.” It took me awhile to get past imagining such a surly pair, with their wiry hair pulled back into tight buns, and their pinched faces looking at me disapprovingly over their wire-rimmed specs. Frustration says to her sister, well then, do you think she will ever finish that? She’s stalling. I’m not so sure about that color. Really, now, I’m not so sure at all about THAT, no not sure at all… Do you think she knows what she’s doing? Well, I don’t know, grumps Procrastination, but this place is a wreck. I think she should vacuum.

You might wonder how a blog, which in the past 24 hours since I posted my very first entry has been a monumental time-suck, in which I make up fake reasons to go to my office to check my computer to see if anyone has visited, commented, or given it a passing glance, how a BLOG could possibly encourage the two surly sisters to move out of my house for good. Isn’t my blog their new best friend? (I’m pretty sure Frustration is the originator of all computer problems ever, throughout history. And Procrastination’s favorite button on the computer? “Refresh.”)

tapestry. hand-dyed cotton, rayon, silk. steel construction.

My theory is that this blog will actually encourage me to kick those cranky bitches out of my house once and for all. My theory, and practice, tells me that movement, any movement, will get me going. There’s a hamster running on a wheel inside my brain, that really REALLY needs to blow off steam. But what needs to move is not that crazy wheel in my head, but my body. I need action. What I’m doing by writing about Frustration and Procrastination is bringing attention to them, which they hate. It helps me usher them out of the house, out of my life, open up the windows and let a fresh breeze blow in.

Another dear friend says, “I’m going to do something. Even if it’s wrong.” It’s a pretty wonderful phrase. I have a bit of rebel in me, so while this is reminiscent of Nike’s “Just Do It,” campaign, hearing that phrase makes me just want to say, “Um. Nope. Not gonna. Can’t make me.” But if I choose to do something EVEN IF IT’S WRONG, it frees me to make mistakes. Or be naughty. But at least I’ll be creating something. I will be engaged in movement, even if it’s just my hands on the keyboard. Movement is Frustration and Procrastination’s arch-nemesis. If I imagine her, Movement is our kick-ass rock-star-don’t-mess-with-me super-hero (she even has a cape), coming to save the day!

Okay so maybe the world won’t come to me and say, “Oh my gosh. Was that you? That shook me up so much? Wow. You’re amazing.” But at least I’ll make SOMETHING. Even if it’s wrong.


About anartwovenlife

I am an artist, weaver, and teacher, and as it turns out, writer.
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4 Responses to Procrastination and her sister Frustration

  1. rustingqueen says:

    I love your new blog as it makes me laugh, think and use my imagination!!!

    You have got me motviated to take action on my long-ignored “I have got to blog. I have got to blog.” word running through my head. I will start small, but I will start.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. denise says:

    I know these two women well. Thanks for helping me see that ‘movement’ will help me shove them out of my house too. denise

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